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Building strong academic foundations.

First Grade

In the first grade, our goal is to foster independence in students as they navigate new responsibilities. Our English Language Arts program merges elements like phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and phonemic awareness. Writing activities concentrate on poetry, journals, and personal narratives guided by the six traits of writing. We employ technology-based curricula for Math and Science, encouraging students to learn through exploration and data analysis. We offer engaging lessons that enhance students’ critical thinking abilities.

Second Grade

The second grade represents a year of increasing self-sufficiency and growth. Students implement critical foundational skills across their academic and social interactions. Our integrated English Language Arts program engages students with fiction and non-fiction texts while reinforcing reading comprehension strategies and vocabulary skills. Through our writing curriculum, students learn to use the writing process for crafting opinion, sequential, and narrative pieces. The Math program augments students’ understanding of numerical patterns, operations, place value, and measurement. Our Science and Social Studies programs instruct students about the design and engineering process and communities of the past and present.

Third Grade

Students transition from tangible to more abstract notions and comprehensions. The integrated English Language Arts program encourages students to develop critical thinking skills, evaluate text, and create in-depth written responses to literature. Students develop their writing skills through further narrative, informative, and persuasive pieces. The Math curriculum allows students to expand foundational concepts like place value, multiplication, division, fractions, and measurement. In Science, students utilize the engineering process to discover and scrutinize new concepts. Social Studies help students understand community evolution over time, focusing particularly on Nevada’s growth and development.

Fourth Grade

The fourth grade curriculum emphasizes independence, organization, and self-motivation as cornerstones for effective learning. Students are taught to apply critical thinking across all learning areas. Our integrated English Language Arts program concentrates on comprehension and analysis while fostering primary vocabulary, spelling, and language skills. The Writing program builds on foundational paragraph writing skills and extends to include multi-paragraph essays in various genres. Students are engaged in hands-on activities in Math and Science and are given opportunities to apply their skills in real-world contexts. Our STEM program incorporates technology-based mathematics and science with a focus on data analysis. The Social Studies curriculum delves into the diverse regions of the United States, introducing basics of regional physical features, economies, and local and federal governance.

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade prioritizes the development of lifelong learning skills. Learning in this grade is interdisciplinary and utilizes technology for enhancing student understanding. Students are encouraged to cultivate independent thought and study habits across all subjects. The integrated English Language Arts program includes novel studies and grammar lessons, focusing on comprehension, analysis, and critical thinking skills. The Writing program uses the writing process and is enhanced through student research to produce expository, persuasive, and informational essays and thematic poems. Through our Math program, students learn and build on foundational math skills that are enhanced through interactive digital media. The Science curriculum based on STEM principles is delivered digitally and includes hands-on activities, critical thinking, and analysis, which are applied to real-world scenarios. Social Studies focus on the early history of the United States. Students leverage their knowledge of early civilizations and significant battles to develop and apply research skills in quarterly projects.

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